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Spanish Two

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Some of the tests that will be given this year in Spanish Two can be reviewed here.  Simply click on the links below:


                                                                                              Repaso One

                                                                                              Repaso Two

                                                                                             Repaso Three

                                                                                             Repaso Four







                                                                                             Phrases-Clauses Test



Essential Facts Files:


IMPORTANT  NOTE:  You should be using Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser to see these slides.  They can be viewed with other browsers--just a bit more awkward.


Here  you can find all the Essential Facts slides that I project on the screen in my classroom.  You can study them more carefully here on the Internet.  Remember that each time we do one of our weekly Essential Facts "quizzes" that each of those quiz questions are RANDOMLY selected from this TOTAL collection.


Spanish 2 Essential Facts



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